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Dialog Excerpt

“So just help me move these boxes over to that burn barrel.”
“Where? I don't see any barrels.”
“Right. It's a bit overgrow out there but I know where it is. So just grab those boxes over there and fallow me.”
“Are you sure there's not any snakes out here.”
“I didn't say that.”
“It'll be fine. Just keep an eye out for anything moving.”
“I think I just saw something move.”
“That's just grasshoppers.”
“Are you sure?”
“No. But it's not a big deal.”
“Oh god! I'm gonna die.”
“Your not gonna die. I'll protect you from any snakes. Ok?”
“Ok. But what if you don't see it.”
“I'm in front of you. I'll see it first.”
“But what if it sneaks up on us?”
“No snake is gonna sneak up on us. If anything they'll say away from us. Snakes don't like people.”
“Right. They don't like people. They're gonna come kill.”
“Your not gonna be killed by any snakes. Look where already here.”
“Oh. That's good.”
“Hand me the lighter.”
“What lighter.”
“You brought the lighter right?”
“You didn't tell me to bring any lighter.”
“How are we going to burn this stuff if we don't have a lighter?”
“I don't know I thought you'd have brought a lighter.”